Forum Title: How do you ask your customer to pay you?
My dad is old school. I can remember going along with him on sales calls and after the customer said he was ready to use us for his new roof, my dad would tell him ?We Don't ask for money up front like most roofers do, but We're roofers not bankers, and when we are finished I will walk in with a guaranty and an invoice and I expect to walk out with your check. If you need other arrangements, tell me about them now before we start your job?. Our customers are really slow pay right now. Our contracts usually say: Terms: 100% due on completion. One customer hasn?t paid in 60 days and just keeps offering more promises. A customer on a large job is 2 weeks late paying and I just learned that he?s on vacation, with my bill due before he left. Another customer tells me yesterday ?I'll pay as much as I can soon.? Huh? As much as you can? How about paying all of it like we agreed. I alway resist the temptation to tell a customer who is reluctant to pay ?Look, there are 4 dozen gray areas in our guaranty, and there is nothing in it tat says I Can't put my slow paying customers at the end of the list of you have roof problems, and I Can'tell you that if you make me jump thru hoops to get paid, I'll do just that. What do you guys do to assure prompt payment?
Category: Roofing Post By: NINA HARDY (Maricopa, AZ), 02/03/2018

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